Debby Scherer, ne’e Deborah Klimovitz, born in Pennsylvania, USA, moved to Duesseldorf, Germany in 1994, where I then married and became a happy and proud mother of two boys.

Self-taught, I started in 1996 to experiment with colorful acrylic paintings, before moving onto a new love of oil on canvas.

I have developed my art portfolio steadily over the years by attending regular art classes as well as intense courses at art academies.

Besides lively city scenes, very in-depth large frame portraits, my passion for figurative oil paintings has developed into a wide range of still life paintings.

With the desire to experiment and further explore other mediums, I fell in love with the ancient Greek technique of encaustic painting. By adding resin and colored pigments to beeswax, I allow the medium to guide me into creating my most recent artworks, between abstract and realism.